Thematic Biblical Studies School (TBSS)

TBSS (CHR 328-329) Thematic Biblical Studies trace major themes through the whole Bible in an integrative approach. While inductive studies analyze the Scriptures book by book,  paragraph by paragraph,  thematic studies take one theme at a time and trace that theme through the whole Bible. When Jesus met the disciples on the road to Emaus,  He showed them what was written about him in the Law and the Prophets. That is what Thematic studies do.

Much attention is given to the book of Genesis as the starting point of most biblical themes. The student will also work on their own “point of passion project” and develop a biblically based teaching on a Bible theme close to their hearts,  e.g.,  women in ministry,  the poor,  healing,  etc. This school does not have an outreach phase,  it has a Teaching Internship to enable the students to learn by living and working with seasoned Bible teachers,  and also be able to impart some of what they have learnt in the classroom phase. One needs to have completed at least (CHR 213) or its equivalent from the UofN or a recognized evangelical college.

Students using non-YWAM Biblical Studies credit for entrance into this course need to to send a certified copy of their diploma/certificate and transcript together with their application. Acceptance into the school does not imply transfer credit acceptance of your previous training. It simply means that the School Leader evaluated your previous education and found it adequate for participation in this course.

For transfer credits, contact the dean of your college who will contact the Provost team and get an assessment for you.



This school is placed in the last quarter of the year, which is straight after the June 15th, School of Biblical Studies I. Due to the fact that the School Leader of this School will be leading a new School during that time, the next Thematic Biblical Studies School will start on July 15th 2013.

Developing discipled developers

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