Addictive Behavior Counseling School


This school has never ran anywhere in South Central Africa. the ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOR COUNSELING SCHOOL (CNH 321-322)  will start on the 1st of Octover 2012 and end on the 22nd of March 2013


You will need to have graduated the DTS and a basic counseling course to attend this School. By basic counseling course we mean, Foundations for Counseling Ministries, or, Community Counseling School, or Family Ministries School. If you do not have this but have substantial experience in counseling, you could be admitted on that basis. If you have training in counseling from other reputable institutions, you will need to mail in certified copies of your non-YWAM training Diploma/certificate and the transcript. Acceptance into this school does not guarantee that your course content will be accepted for transfer by the Provost Office and Dean of the College. It only means that the School Leader has assessed your readiness for participation in this course and found it adequate!

Developing discipled developers

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