Building Project

The main dormitory,  the soak away/septic tank,  the water reservoir,  and other mini-projects.,  Since 2000,  we have rented our current premise from a very generous and considerate landlord. However,  the limitations that came upon us because of not having enough room have slowed our growth. The strategy has been to add training and ministry facilities while we add to the staff members’ personal development. God has shown us his faithfulness on both fronts. We have trained people through both our University of the Nations accredited courses and seminars which are open to the community. Almost all our staff volunteers who had no qualifications 6 years ago now qualify for a UofN Foundation degree. Some are already working on their BA degrees. As for the building projects,  we are nearing the end of the first building which will fully be ours (YWAM Livingstone’s)–thanks be to God!

As you can see from the pictures below,  80% of the work is already done. We are now trying to make it user friendly enough for us to use obtain the City Engineers certificate of occupation. In order for us to run a pastoral renewal center (half-way house for missionaries and pastors who are burning out),  feed the students and volunteer missionaries,  house families,  run chaplaincy and counseling ministries,  etc.,  we will need a dining hall for students,  a second dormitory for married couples,  six multipurpose classrooms,  etc. Key to all of this is taking possession of what God has given us. With the additional 10 rooms,  we will be able to host ministry teams,  travelling ministers,  resident volunteer missionaries,  and students. Its not enough but it is better than what we had! Our training facility has had a great start by the grace of God. We will not have “state of the art” creature comforts,  but it will be a good place to step up into the sometime challenging life on the mission field!, The picture below is from August,  we were trusting God for US$7, 000 to cover the listed basics. As I write,  we are waiting for a release of a further US$3000,  effectively reducing our target to US$4, 000. God is good!

Developing discipled developers

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