Youth Ministries

The Youth Ministry has been thriving under the leadership of Fred Mbewe (Base Youth Chaplain),  Doreen Minango,  and Klaus Tillen. They do not work alone but their is a leadership team drawn from the youths themselves and the Chairman for the leadership team is Brian Mulenga. The pictures below were taken on one of their team outings to the Victoria Falls arround one of the pools left behind by the Zambezi River. Funny enough the only public pool in town was sold to a politician who buried it and used the space for something else., After the fun times there are always lots of serious learning moments when the youths gather to get deeper into the Word of God. This learning together forms the basis for other ministries done in cooperation with the churches like,  evangelism,  drama,  student ministries at most of the local high schools in the city., The Jesus for Teens Ministry (J4teens) is losing a lot of its members to the senior group because the teenagers are growing and moving on. There is need to recruit more teens and to empower them with the Word of Truth,  and provide them with an environment of love,  clean fun,  and motivation to be all that God called them to be., The last two pictures are dry season pictures of the Victoria Falls. The one mile curtain of water tapers down to a few streamlets on the Zambian side. This offers a unique place to walk over the rocks of the Zambezi River’s river bed. Pools like the one the youths use for picknicks are not totally safe. They may have parts of the river running below so do not do it alone! By the way,  did I say “picknick?” Whatever you do,  please do not carry food to the Falls! It is a baboon sanctuary and the baboons will definitely wrestle you for your food and very likely reward themselves the winning trophy (your prized lunch!).

Developing discipled developers

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