Hospitality is not only a founding value of YWAM International,  at YWAM Livingstone we consider it a major part of our renewal ministry. As we trust God for facilities,  we have also been praying for a renewing and refreshing presence around the Base. We hope that people will come from far and near and have their fires rekindled while visiting us. However,  renewal is not the only ministry on the Base so,  in order to make the sharing of facilites practical between the different base departments,  the following is our hospitality policy:,

  • All guests must warn us of their coming at least a week in advance,
  • Overnight guests travelling alone will be accomodated and fed free of charge,  however,  if they wish to contribute some money towards the base to help with the cost of washing linens,  food,  etc,  they are welcome to make their contributions to the Base not the room attendant or hospitality staff.
  • Missionaries and pastors coming out of the field,  needing a place to retreat for 3 days,  will be accomodated free of charge if the individual concerned is travelling alone. Should they wish to help the hospitality ministry financially by leaving  a donation,  they should give their donation to the base and not an individual because the whole base serves in some ways. The heart of the ministry is to restore people. Finances in a faith community doing team ministry to the saints can be a divisive thing. Note: Visitors are free to bless whomever they wish to bless financially,  we just want to be clear that if the intention is to thank the Base,  the funds should go to the YWAM Livingstone Base not to the server/attendant or contact person.
  • All teams need to make bookings and secure their booking by making a commitment fee of 50% of the cost of their stay at YWAM Livingstone upfront. This helps us to plan,  and prepare for the arrival of the team adequately. All team members are charged K50, 000 (US$10) per person per day if the team is an African YWAM School Outreach team and K75, 000 (US$15) if the team is an International non-Third World YWAM team. Teams sent from churches that  partner with YWAM Livingstone will pay US$20 per person per day. Our hospitality priorities are; invited guests first,  traveling ministers/missionaries in crisis second,  and then ministry teams working with us.
  • NB: The base reserves the right to charge in local currency if charging in US Dollars will be a significant loss in the exchange!
  •  YWAM Livingstone has limited cooking facilities therefore,  we do not accept teams that duplicate the cooking. The Base cooks one meal for all residents and guests. We believe eating together fosters community and helps people to get to know each other better. Visiting teams must be ready to share in the work duties around the base.
  •  YWAM Livingstone does not feel it is safe to have guests live in their own tents! Some saints have asked to come and visit Livingstone and eat their own food while living in their own tents. We feel that there are campsites around Livingstone where tent dwellers can really have fun living in tents. As for the base environment,  it is not set up to service tents and for that reason (among many others),  all our guests will stay indoors and use the accomodation provided for them.
  • Teams must bring their own linen but invited guests like Guest Speakers will be taken care of by Base hospitality.
  • All residents and guests are to observe base community living guidelines for the good of the lives of whole community and our public testimony as a Christian community within the larger Livingstone community.

A future ministry that is part of the package of offering Counseling as a ministry to our community is running a transit facility for victims of domestic violence. A woman in danger should be able to stay in that facility for 21 days free of charge giving her enough time to decide what to do next. Apart from this ministry to troubled Christian families,  we will also want to provide space for ministers who have crashed out through burnout,  or a moral fall,  to stay on the base for 21 days free of charge so that they can seek God for rest,  renewal,  repentance,  restitution or whatever is necessary for them to put in place a process for their restoration or the start of a new life. This is vision. When such a facility is available it will be operated on a faith basis and therefore will not take in everyone but every need will be assessed against the available resources and resource persons available to walk with them.

USING YOUR STAY AT YWAM AS YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE LOCAL MINISTRIES, Finally,  we have had teams from churches,  other mission groups,  individual traveling ministers, and many others who have chosen to stay at the YWAM Base rather than at hotels because they feel that they would like their stay to be their investment into YWAM’s base finances. This is commendable only when the money being invested in that manner needs to be your own (individually or as a team).

In principle we encourage those who are out to have a nice time in Livingstone with cheap accomodation to find lodges,  and guest houses in the city because the YWAM base is intended to be basic,  giving missionary students a foretaste of what to expect in missions. All our guests must know this upfront.

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