THE DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING SCHOOL (DSP 211-212): This is the starting point for ministry in YWAM or training in the University of the Nations. The course is a pass/fail module which is a required pre-requisite course for entrance into YWAM or UofN. The student will be challenged more with being and doing discipleship than with intellectualizing content. The focus is personal transformation. There are three schools starting on the following dates: January 15th,  Jun 15th,  and September 15th every year.

Upon completing DTS, the graduate is eligible for any University of the Nation degree program. How does it work?

  • In the course of the DTS you will have time to seek God and hear from Him what His call or purpose for your life is. Sometimes it is very clear and for a few it may not be that clear.
  • After graduating, the student can prepare a degree plan listing the degree and the modules involved. This plan is mailed to the Regional Records Office in the UK where it is forwarded to the college Dean and the Provost representative. When both of these sign, a copy is mailed back to the student. You are now formally in a degree program with the University of the Nations!
  • What if the DTS graduate comes highly qualified to serve in YWAM? You do not have to do anymore studies in YWAM if you feel you have all you need. You can sign up for service immediately.
  • As soon as your application is complete, YWAM will fill out your application for a Work Permit. Once it is submitted in Lusaka, the graduate has to wait 4-6 weeks before it is approved. Upon receiving the approval and getting the permit, the new staff will be taken through an orientation program or inservice training. We just want to make sure the work fits the worker!

Lookout for our specialty DTS courses in future. The DTSs we offer are fairly standard and general but in future we want to tailor them to the majors we will be offering. We will offer a Chaplaincy DTS, Nursing DTS, Mercy Ministries DTS and a Recovery DTS to support the upper level courses we offer. This is the future!

Developing discipled developers

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