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Someone challenged us as a mission to make our money a servant not a master over our lives. Every missionary needs to understand that without a call from God, money becomes too powerful to be a slave. It becomes a master. It commands things, direction, priorities, choice of who to marry, whom to serve, SAM_0487 (1280x849)and a thousand other things.

Putting your money to work for the extension of God’s Kingdom is spiritual warfare! It is a reversal of roles. Slaves of Mamon say, “every human has a price!” When they become masters over Mamon, they realize that every human is priceless. The things in this life that cannot be bought with money far out-weigh those we can buy in both significance and number. Try buying a smile!

Youth With A Mission Livingstone is a voluntary organization which is supported by gifts from friends of the mission and friends and family of students and staff. The purpose of this website is not to fund-raise but to share information concerning the state of the ministry. For this reason we encourage our first time visitors to navigate away from this page! It is dangerous to every one who is not prepared for the spiritual warfare that accompanies financing missions.

Did you know that many who are addicted are also demon possessed? What came first? The addiction or the possession? YWAM Livingstone wants to spread the good news of recovery from addictions and sin, will Satan sit back and take this attack without a response? What will happen to those who help us build a rehabilitation centre, run training courses to equip churches and therapists? Will they pass without being noticed? Africa is called the “dark continent” by Satan’s design. What will be his response to those who want to turn on the light through accessible education? This is what I am talking about. Spiritual warfare.

The actual process of transferring money to YWAM Livingstone,  Zambia is very easy,  just wire the money to the ministry’s account and it will be credited in 5 days. Please be sure to email us and clarify how the donation is to be used. For small amounts (up to US$1,000),  MoneyGram has 4 outlets,  which can pay out right here in Livingstone,  Zambia. In that case,  the contact person’s name to be used is the Base Director’s (Jonathan Mubanga Mumbi). However,  we still prefer using our official YWAM bank account,  whose details are given below.

ACCOUNT NAME: Youth With A Mission, 

ACCOUNT #: 0432 06740 0191, 

BANK DETAILS: Zambia National Commercial Bank Ltd,  Main Branch,  Livingstone,  ZAMBIA.


Your support in prayer and the generous giving of your finances are both highly appreciated by staff and students!

Giving can be like casting bread upon the water! From the natural point of view,  it is a reduction in the balance sheet,  it is wealth going to the sea,  but,  there is a divine perspective. It is an extension of your service,  you money goes to preach,  heal,  console people etc as it empowers our graduates to go into service in many communities!

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