About us

We are a team of about 10 missionary volunteers on average. This means every member of our team has to have a few friends who believes in their cause enough to support it. What does that support look like? It looks like prayers of faith (this is where supporters say something to God). It also looks like prayers of action (this is where supporters send financial gifts to individuals they support or to the team as a whole). This support is what makes it possible for our free services to be free. What is our group goal?  Our group cause is reduce poverty of the spirit, body, and mind through empowerment. Our primary strategy for empowerment is to make non-formal university-level education accessible to as many people as possible. Other strategies include, evangelism, life-skill training, and mental health primary care. Individual causes include being class facilitators, visiting speakers who donate their expertise in a 20-hour lecture on one topic, being a cooks and other support staff at YWAM Livingstone, and many more. Where do we live? Our volunteers work together and live in community to model Christian living to younger Christians, provide a learning community, and to reduce the cost of doing volunteer mission work. The home of our “faith community” is called a “YWAM Base”. We are all Christians from many denominations and independent churches and are part of a global movement towards Making God Known in creative ways. As a mission body, we serve the needs of churches, other NGOs, FBOs, and CDOs whenever we can. We are not a local church and therefore all our members hold active membership in local churches of their own choices.

DSC06247 Finally, we are multi-generational! This means that, even if our focus is youth, youths joining our mission grow older and we do not exclude them. We love to hear their stories from the 60s, 70s and 80s because every generation stands on the shoulders of the generation before it. It also means that we believe in the value of all human being and are committed to honoring the validity of the contribution of all humans at all stages of life. We want babies in our community because they help us tone down and not take ourselves too seriously.

Senior citizens are the least celebrated people in some cultures. In this mission we recognize them as resource persons. They have the wisdom of years is with them and this helps the younger ones to cool it and just sit and listen.

We are also multi-ethnic and multi-racial. Our training does not exclude people on the basis of not understanding English. Our courses are being offered in as many as 60 languages. From Arabic to Zulu. Therefore we are opposed to Xenophobia, classism, and other forms of racism and tribalism.


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